outer space astronaut chart See how capitalism exists as a force for good Where purpose leads the way
rocky mountains chart Where the highest climbers have a chance to soar. See who we're looking for in an incubee. jumping man
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What We Do

MAC6 represents a new breed of business incubator. We’re defenders of free enterprise and the free world. We fuse together principles of Conscious Capitalism with creativity, collaboration, community and change to help early-stage companies achieve long-term profitability while making a positive social impact on society.

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    Innovative solutions to old problems; or bringing something completely new to the world

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    Willingness to share and utilize collective knowledge

  • Group of people


    The collaborative atmosphere in which we are collectively responsible to better one another

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    Positive movement forward of businesses and individuals in a community using capitalism as a force for positive change in the world

How We Work

MAC6 provides selected Incubees a framework of thinkers, collaborators and supporters to help them develop sustainable strategies that establish accountability, accelerate growth, and maximize the impact of their offerings.

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Where We Work

Innovative companies require innovative surroundings in which to thrive. Our offices in Tempe, Arizona provide a dynamic and energizing environment that provides early-stage companies with the tools, resources, mentorship and working space necessary to bring their ideas to fruition.

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Where You Come In

Whether you’re a startup looking to bring a revolutionary new product to market, or an individual wanting to learn more about Conscious Capitalism, we welcome you to be a part of our MAC6 community.